Family Pictures


Our 8th grandchild, 4th grandson, was born at 8:18 on the first morning of 2012 in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  His name is Nialls Joseph Larkin, born to our son Daniel and his wife Jennifer.  He is 6 lbs., 9 oz. and 20" long. He is their firstborn.  Having another cheesehead in the world isn't nearly as bad a I thought it would be.

My first great grandchild, Hayden Alexander Ehlert, born Dec. 8, 2010, being held by his grandmother, my daughter, Alice Francisco.  His mother, Shelby, is the youngest girl in the photo below.

Back 4: Matthew, Daniel, Margot and Lester III, Larkin.
Margot is Lester IIIs wife.

Front 5: Brandie, Jeffery, Alice, Shelby and Adam Francisco.
Circa 1993


Matthew and Alyssa's firstborn, Ezri  (and me)
August 17, 2008


Nancy, Ezri and cake at Mundelein Centennial
June 28, 2009


Alyssa, Caelin & Ezri at Mundelein Centennial
June 28, 2009


Alyssa & Caelin at Mundelein Centennial
June 28, 2009


Ezri at Mundelein Centennial.  Is this where little girls
get the idea that they want a pony?
June 28, 2009