Fair weather biker?  NO WAY!

Winter, January 2001. Me on Yamaha XT350 on/off road bike in front of my house in Mundelein, Illinois.


Notice icicles hanging from eves. Also, notice rider with bad case of Helmet Hair. I bought the bike to get to and from work with minimum contact with roads.

Speaking of Helmet Hair . . .


Trail Rider Bouquets

When riding on a new trail, bikers occasionally encounter foliage that gets wedged between the foot control levers and the engine.  Free souvenirs of the day's ride.  Don't look for these plants at just any floral shop!

Right side of bike.  My rear brake lever tore the defenseless flora from their stalks.

Left side of bike.  My shift lever mercilessly ripped the unsuspecting plants from their habitat.