Brief story of my life

I was born in The Summer of '42 (great movie title, eh!) on July 11 in the Oak Park Illinois hospital. One of my younger nursery room mates was a much younger Harrison Ford. At the time, 2 days made him seem much younger. As an older resident, I was in a better position to advise him on his career choices. I don't know if he heeded all of my advice . . . there was lots of background noise in the room. Besides that, you know how kids are. I suppose he did alright, though.

I attended Arlington High School from 1957 through 1959, then joined the U.S. Navy in 1959, and got out in 1963. Nancy St. Laurent and I got married in 1964. We have 4 children , 8 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild as of 1/1/12, 8:18 AM.

Most of my working life was spent as an Electrical Engineer until Feb. 2002. Now I buy (low) and sell (high)...(usually) Exchange Traded Funds with my lump sum 'retirement' money at home on my computer.

I won a bunch of trophies in a sport called Observed Trials, which is a motorcycle competition involving maneuvering skill over rough terrain. I haven't done that since 1974. Now, I just ride a 350 cc on/off road bike. Now, its mostly to save gas (that's what I tell Nancy).

I always wanted to be an airplane pilot when I grew up. So when I found a real reason to get a Private Pilot certificate with an Instrument Rating, I DID IT! I used my flying skills to visit customers in a large part of the U.S. and Canada. All I have left to do now is grow up!

Sailing is another sport I enjoy. I have plied the waters of many inland lakes in 4 different states, including Lake Michigan. I have also sailed the Gulf of Mexico out of Tampa.

For fun and exercise, I play tennis. I really enjoy challenging the prowess of younger players! Beginner figure skating is my winter sport of choice. So far, I really stink at it, but I have high hopes.

Nancy and I have lived in Mundelein Illinois since 1964 except for 1 year in 2003/4 when we lived in Florida.